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Embracing Uniqueness: Designing a Custom Shome for Your North Dakota Property

Updated: Apr 10

A blog by Todd Freitag – Owner/Consultant Homes & Shomes

North Dakota's diverse landscapes and agricultural practices contribute to the unique charm of each homestead in the region. Growing up in Bowman and building homes over decades in throughout North Dakota gives me a sense of pride for our great state. Building a custom-designed Shome offers you the property owner the opportunity to create a living space that perfectly aligns with their specific needs and preferences. Made for North Dokatans by someone who lives in North Dakota.


Here are four things to consider:

The Importance of Uniqueness:Cookie-cutter designs may fall short in capturing the individuality of North Dakota property and mindset. Creating a one-of-a-kind living space allows owners to showcase the character and requirements of their location in a personalized manner and stand out from another property just down the road.

Custom Design Solutions by Homes & Shomes:Homes & Shomes specializes in custom Shome and Barndominium design, offering you the expertise of a established local company that understands the distinct challenges and opportunities presented by North Dakota properties and building within the elements.

Tailored to Your Needs:Collaborating with Homes & Shomes enables you to custom design a Shome that contains all the features you deam important. Personalized design features enhance functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics of the living space. Don’t try and squeeze your vision into a existing kit and floorplan.

Building for Generations:A custom-designed Shome is built with a long-term vision in mind, accommodating the evolving needs of your family. Sustainable design elements and flexible layouts ensure longevity and adaptability for generations to come.

We look forward to meeting you and working together to design a Shome that represents your specific wants and needs

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